Datesheet Annual Exam || Secure your seats at the earliest as the school has introduced Biology and Psychology also this year in class XI

Mission & Vision



Deep Public School is missionary in its earnest zeal to contribute optimally to the growth of mind, body and soul of its students to equip them with requisite knowledge to understand and inbibe traditional wisdom and moderm technology, Intellectual stimulation and spiritual enrichment in . ronment of mutual tolerance and respect form the core principles of the philosophy of education at Deep Public School.



  1. Provide a happy and safe learning environment for all the members of the school community.
  2. Provide appropriate high quality learning opportunities, including homework.
  3. Encourage the highest possible levels of achievement
  4. Offer a broad range of opportunities to develop skills, interests and talents.
  5. Provide meaningful information about the school and your child's progress. Provide support, care, advice and guidance.
  6. Make clear the rules, expectations and ethos of the school.
  7. Help the students grow into responsible and valued members of the school and wider community.
  8. Welcome the involvement of the parents and students in a partnership for learning.